Saturday, July 17, 2010

scattered thoughts...

-kids still call Hamza's mother Mommy Petel... i miss that kid.
-animated preacher did entre maghrib/'isha talk... Arabic-Pidgin-French!
-i like the GTHS Principal, good man.
-Manjou seems to have run away [from school?]
-Ibrahim borrowed my helmet for a trip to Bamenda
-i need a non-lubricated condom
-after [my student] Charles won "honorable mention" for an essay on Abstinence, i gave him a condom... he pointed out the irony! :)
-Daouda [Hamza's father] needs to put Hamza in school, i need to talk to him
-1st week of effective classes went well... may they keep doing so, INSHA'ALLAH!
-my weekly schedule is sparse and spread out... early on Mondays and becoming gradually later as the week progresses.

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