Friday, February 22, 2008


i barely made it home today. not only was it threatening to come down hard from the sky, but from my bowels as well. i was literally praying that the floodgates wouldn’t open before i made it back from the market. that walk along the dirt road and down the hill never seemed so long.

it took a combination of awesome physical and mental resoluteness to keep my sphincter clenched and still stride at a pace sufficient enough to get me home before the rain and other unmentionables soaked me. my dignity was at stake.

even with all that pressure, no pun intended, i greeted everyone along the route (the elderly and the youth alike); found time to kick a football back into play; and, finally, greeted then explained my rush to Mirabelle before i exploded into the bathroom...

all with a smile on my face and a little lightheartedness to boot. a testament to the power of positive thinking... and much sincere prayer!

a bunch of us are going to Dschang again tomorrow. i’m staying here. enjoying my Saturday. that day has never meant so much.

Bon nuit...

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