Wednesday, December 24, 2008

two slips, but who cares?

ACT Teaching Reading Seminar
(Association for Creative Teaching)

Scripta Verba Manet is the ACT motto. “Written word lasts."

-"when we repeat we remember, and we repeat what we remember."
-the skills involved in language are listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking... each skill has its own vocabulary.
Tell a child what to think and you make him a slave to knowledge. Teach a child how to think and you make all knowledge his slave.
notes from a reading seminar i made a grand entrance into by falling on my butt in a busted chair in front of a crowded hall of 200+ students and teachers, LATE! no biggie, though. just dusted myself off, apologized for interrupting as i did and sat down closer to the front.

you know, i don’t know what it was but i totally/sincerely didn’t feel at all embarrassed. to me, right then and there and in front of all those people, i didn’t care... good thing or bad? confidence or apathy? self-esteem or presumptuousness? either way... i just didn’t care. and in a way, that concerns me.

besides, one of the other GTTC teachers [a colleague who was known for sleeping around with our students] was more ashamed i’m sure when his namesake, the seminar's leader, called himself the original version and our colleague the adulterated one!

no pun intended and much covering up for the Freudian slip but to no avail... 2 slips [one of the tongue, the other off a chair], 2 teachers got laughed at. but only one cared, i think. i hope.

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