Thursday, July 15, 2010

where is kyoto?

Questions on Global Warming Article: Year 3, due 9/21/2002
  1. Who are Richard and Alastair Fitter and how are they related? (father and son biologists)
  2. Where is Kyoto and what is the Kyoto Treaty? (Japan, treaty to curb carbon emissions)
  3. Identity 2 ways in which, according to the article, Global Warming impacts the environment. (polar ice melts, animal migration, altered plant leafing/flowering)

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  1. so, as peace corps volunteers, we got newsweek magazines distributed to us through our country office... though there was often quite a delay before they got to us at post.

    this article (i am / am not surprised i could dig it up) must've caught my attention, and so i used it in class with my 3rd year students to discuss global warming.

    it's interesting to note that i didn't ask about the human health impacts of global warming and climate change. among the many other things i'd do/ask differently now.