Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the journey owns you

"Before you get started, you own the journey.
After you start, the journey owns you."

-Malidoma Somé

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  1. hmmm... what to say?

    first, i remember really enjoying some of the parts of malidoma somé's book while in cameroon. other parts left me skeptical. it was "the healing wisdom of africa: finding life purpose through nature, ritual, and community"

    not sure how i'd feel about it now, though. i have to admit that the skeptic in me keeps emerging as i browse through a lot of what i find on somé's website:

    but there's wisdom in the book. and though i now dislike making sweeping generalizations about "africa," i recall finding many parts of it relevant as i read it in cameroon. here's a review of the book that's also critical but positive:

    with all that in mind, i'll share my comments from back in 2002 about the quote above:

    plan as you will, "Africa always wins." but you wouldn't want it any other way.

    honestly, i cringe as i read that. but it's there in my journal. so it must've felt real to me at the time. i now much prefer the nuance in this post, which i think gets at the same idea (both in somé's quote and my comment):