Sunday, July 18, 2010

1st step is the toughest

all this [GLOBE @ School] went all right yesterday. better than all right, actually. quite well. good having so many other "teachers" around. i need not speak as much. students learn more. they were asking all the right questions. about GLOBE, that is. when to measure? how to measure? who will measure? all that.

and we put the post in the ground. that was nice to see. 1st step is the toughest, n'est-ce pas? the post needs 2 screws. the ones the carpenter put in were too short. and we need to "sensitize" the GHS student body. can do the GLOBAL view with their EE Club this week. introduce clouds, temperature and rain to my students, as well. GPS [Govt Primary School]?

i'm at Sufyanu's chop-house. it's raining. just had Arabic class w/Sufayn for the 2nd week, before dhuhur. supposed to have a meeting with the Bubas, etc. about Moral Instruction class. i'm waiting for them now. we need to discuss/develop topics and a syllabus. to establish a teaching style or structure, and a schedule. and to select a couple of books worth following.

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