Sunday, February 8, 2009



...went out to the Omaru compound today. as always, everyone couldn't have been more kind, hospitable, welcoming and generous. every family member i've met has been so gentle. and the scenery is beautiful. such a quiet/calm/peaceful place.

i spoke to Haruna for a while about a lot. at one point he brought out an encyclopedia on Africa. read the passage on Fulani people. interesting. they're all over the continent. East, West and South.

they trace their origins from the Senegal area. so the Pular/Fular people i've heard about in West Africa are, indeed, Fulani. anyway... Ibrahim [Haruna and Muhammadu's brother] also passed by to greet me tonight... good family.

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  1. IMAGE: haruna, myself and muhammadu (aka manju)... with the path back to wum from their compound in the background.