Wednesday, July 7, 2010

resumption of duty


donned my moto-helmet this morning. school year is upon us. riding up to the school as usual really reaffirms the fact that we'll soon start. i'm in the staff room now, as i write this. preparing for a "Preparatory Meeting."

Auntie will, for sure, say a few things about her still being here and REORGANIZING... we'll see. Paul and I will outline those workshops so they can work it into the Calendar of Activities. i'll leave the rest [of this entry] for notes/comments on notre reunion:

"I've been reaffirmed, now what do you people have to say?" -Auntie, revelling

stick to same old time-table [i.e. schedule of classes] until new one arrives

we have new Dept. Heads

-students and teachers (us and the primary school teachers) should become versed with it
-have students write lesson note [i.e. plans] for every subject in the new approach

term paper topics will be in academic subjects, though i need to come up with 3 or 4 ideas for environmental education

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  1. IMAGE: my certificate of resumption of duty at GTTC Wum, for 2002/2003.