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Monday, August 23, 2010

the mosque project


went to ukpwa with mama this morning. sun is definitely getting hotter. the dry season may be on its way after all. but the rainy season is going out with a bang! for sure. roof has even started to leak again. but i digress...

was saying we were out in ukpwa. short visit. small is beautiful. and it was. we saw the mosque. mama liked it. sat down with Alhadji Bira [Ukpwa's elder] and the gang. Ali spoke about how the mosque project went. Mu'aath translated. Alhadji thanked mama. Mu'aath translated.

mama spoke about educating the women in the community, development coming from within in the next generation, and about documenting their people's history - the Fulbe. she'd asked about their origins. that of the people right there in ukpwa or this part of cameroon, at least.

Alhadji said something poignant. that in all the years since the Lake Nyos disaster and with all the people and organizations who've come to help, none of them have ever done anything for their community's faith. until mama. and they won't forget that. or her.

i was touched. as i'm sure she was. mama spoke fine [pidgin's expression for eloquent]. Alhadji spoke fine. Mu'aath translated.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

waiting... at council hall

this journal is being bent out of shape. carrying it in my lumbar-pack between the nalgene bottle and my [rolled-up] raincoat is the problem. insha'Allah the rain will cease (or Ramadan will come) before this my journal falls apart.

mama and i made an attempt at participating in Int'l Teacher's Day. sparse march. long wait at the Council Hall. too long. Mayor no dey [pidgin, for not there/present]. DO no dey. SDO no dey. "God dey" one alhadji put it when thanking mama for her support of the upkwa masjid.

back to the Council Hall. only our students and primary school staff were there. as an aside, i spoke with Hamza's teacher. we're on the same page. Mr. Nshu was there. he and i spoke about lack of student motivation. no priority on education. needing someone to talk to them.

we even developed a debate topic around the idea. so as we'd address such issues in an informed manner, la prochaine fois [next time]. unfortunately, i did not stay. mama lost patience. rain was coming. hunger, too. but when you wait that long and leave, is it worth it?

part of me just wants to sit tight. leaving makes the wait you waited a wait in vain, doesn't it? staying, no matter how long (hmmm???), and seeing what you came/waited for somehow justifies the wait. or have i just been here for too long?

la ya3dam as-sabour al-dhafar – wa-in taala bihee az-zamaan
[success will not elude the patient – even if it takes its time] -Imam Ali

Monday, April 13, 2009


saturday morning. yet another [TDW] session today. insha'Allah only in the morning. going to Dairou's for lunch. gotta develop films and buy plane tickets. as well as a few other added times to my "to do" list... noting that none have really been crossed out yet.

spoke to the embassies today... the USA folks will send me the application for Paul. KSA people are all gone except the Big Cheese and he's not available. i'll try to see him or send him the letters/photos.

what else?... that's it for now...

tech [TDW] sessions were taking a lot out of me. all of us were getting silly at the end of the day yesterday... didn't get to do much on account of ending later than expected, ~1:30pm.

i did buy a spotting scope from Chris [a PCV leaving the country] for 35,000cfa [$55-60?]. didn't make it to Dairou's, though. it rained. didn't buy tickets, either. they closed.

i did manage to send 2 emails in 45 minutes... and i'm worried i may have gotten scabies here at the volunteer house [in yaounde]! :(

same day... quick note. according to our PCMO [Peace Corps Medical Officer] i can't have scabies. at least not from the volunteer house. incubation is 2-6 weeks. so she thinks it's something else. unless, of course, i got scabies before i got here!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

always work

another long day. we worked throughout: early morning. break. late morning. break. afternoon. break. evening. over? PCVs... always working. or talking about work. always work.

Eli, Mike, Shanna and i worked out the EE session. gotta type it up tomorrow. have not done much marking [grading exams] or letter writing.

gotta call 2 embassies tomorrow (during 10am coffee break):
  • USA Embassy: speak with Cultural Attache about the cultural exchange program.
  • KSA Embassy: speak with the 2nd Secretary and set up an appointment.
OK... just talked to Sandy for a while. she's fine and it looks like i'm buying my tickets [to Mali] on my own. will check direct flights and thru Dakar w/Ivorian Air. gotta get my credit card.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my GTTC colleagues

5/12/2002: MOTHER'S DAY!
last night was not pleasant. not bad, but i was not happy. students arrived @ 3:30pm with their lesson notes for teaching practice, and didn't leave until 7pm. student-teachers from GPS, St. Martin's and Holy Trinity [primary schools in Wum]. is nobody else in on the GTTC [Govt Teacher Training College] Wum staff doing work?

many names come to mind... one of my colleagues even passed by the house, saw me up on my veranda with a line of students (some even his) at 6pm and just kept walking. i was not happy. not angry. not upset with students, but with these teachers. some are serious. some care. professional and sincere. some are fake. and they deride our students: "you don't know any better... you're empty, worthless."

anyway... the fact that i was hungry, out of breath and had no time to mark assignments, go to prayer or read didn't help. OK, moving on. went to St. Martin's Church for 6am mass. no one there. 6am mass, it turns out, is at Holy Trinity. i enjoyed the peace and quiet in the church for a while. went introspective and lost myself in thought.

i'm waiting in Sufyan's chop-house [makeshift cafeteria] now for Buba to come take us up to his place (via Ukpwa with 3 cement bags) before he leavves for Nigeria on Tuesday. insha'Allah all goes well today.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cement bags to Ukpwa

took the cement bags out to Ukpwa today. all went well except Zengue [local trader] asked for 3,000 cfa instead of 1,500 for fuel. made those deductions. i’m going to spend a week out there in the village sometime... insha’Allah.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

village project 2

material & labor:
-35 cement bags (4,700 cfa /ea.) = 164,500 cfa
-6L fuel for delivery (500 cfa /ea.) = 3,000 cfa
-labor, water & sand (community contribution) = ~33,000 cfa
-subtotal (materials & labor) = 200,500 cfa

-total (subtotal - community contribution) = 167,500 cfa


-approx. 15 young men in village to assist w/labor.
-their schedules will rotate over course of project.
-need to meet & confirm before work commences.

extra funds?
(200,000 - 167,500 = 32,500 cfa)
-will look into small project for these and ask about using them.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

village project

~46 cement bags
-sand and water, available locally (is it enough?)
-technician needs to confirm quantity, is it a fair estimate?
-confirmed, he says it'll need 35 bags max.

-technician – the village will cover his costs?
-help – villagers will provide most of the labor?

-are there wholesalers in Wum?
-can the price per bag be reduced with bulk purchases?
-can dealer deliver bags to village?