Thursday, July 8, 2010

dreams don't last past waking...

Mirabelle and the kids left early this morning. we ate ndolé at Maggies last night. this journal will have to do. mama wants to come visit by late September. i wonder about the thin line b/w patience and fatalism, although i'm flirting with it rather awkwardly. i just finished Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children a few minutes ago. school starts tomorrow. i pray that i'm productive, hard-working and gratified. yet pessimism and optimism still see-saw like infinitely tireless children. there's a newly assembled photo album on my salon's table. i flip fondly through its pictures when songs deem it appropriate. often. i love Isma'ilah... and Rabi'ah i will, too. as the road bent towards Maggie's last night i laughed at myself and Wum. my home. dreams are there but they don't last past waking. Bamenda is too big. who will help me clean? my phone, it is disturbing. and the rain... comme toujours.

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