Monday, July 5, 2010

blank pages...

blank pages [in this new journal]. got that recycled quality to them. tough writing on them with pencils. anywho... i pray i can fill the pages with:

how they move us
i can't wait to move them.

i've been much guested [visited] recently. Saidu just left yesterday. Mira says she'll be coming tomorrow. the weekend w/Saidu was pleasant. a decent fellow. spoke a lot of French with him. so much that it confused my English... French came out when i wanted to say something in English, Pidgin and (on one occasion when Yusuf and Adam were here) even Arabic. too many languages. confused. WORDS!

ahhh, this paper... ça marche [will it work]??? no choice right now... that i've begun.

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  1. what does that first page in this 4th journal say?

    bism Allah al-Rahman al-Rahim


    "No matter how long the night,
    the sun always rises."

    Wum, NWP
    Cameroon, Africa

    Mohamad A. Chakaki