Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Mira finally got here. waiting, worrying all day. they left Babadjou at 11am, Bamenda at 11am and got here at 5:30pm. road is BAD. said she paid 2000cfa! says she'll be here for 4 days. ahhh... some concerns:

concerned about the road. it's really quite bad. Paul's father spend 16 hours on it yesterday. MUDDY MESS. 2000cfa.

concerned about the humidity. mold on my clothes. mold on the cane furniture. mold on the Maggi cubes. rocks for salt. wet laundry. basically the rainy season. i won't say i can't wait for the dry season... but i may be singing that song soon enough.

tomorrow we've got a staff meeting. concerned about the upcoming year. sooo much to do...

also concerned about how thin this paper is and how floppy the notebook!

concerned about how tired i am now... goodnight.

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