Monday, July 12, 2010

easier for me to get into

...the GLOBE meeting went well. think students are still a little unsure of exactly what they're getting into. abstract. will become clearer as they see and do... measurements/observations/etc.

the little HIV/AIDS session also went well. they know the info. educated, i guess. do they practice it? are others? do others know? the "uneducated." hmmm...

Ozone was here today. he's a piece of work. let me just say i need to keep an eye on him if not keep him in check.

final note: been doing maghrib/isha' [sunset and evening prayers] at the masjid [mosque]. every now and again... as i'm exiting, i find my shoes turned so i can just slip into them as i walk out. someone took the time to make them easier for me to get into. good people. whoever they are. all of them.

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