Wednesday, January 30, 2008

too many innocents abroad

please pardon the extended absence... it's been a while since i posted something. more than a month, actually. in that time an interesting op-ed came out in the NY Times that got quite a response from the peace corps community. like many of the people who responded to Too Many Innocents Abroad, written by my former peace corps director in cameroon, i think the piece was a little harsh.

that said, i also think CD strauss brings up a point worth considering about quantity versus quality of volunteers. one that i found myself struggling with at some point during my own service. i won't say much more about the op-ed piece, except that i wasn't all that surprised by it. i had a couple of extended conversations with CD strauss while i was in cameroon and this theme of quantity vs. quality came up even then.

the same theme comes up in my journals, as well, i think. but if i remember correctly, i approach it from a different and more PCV-centered perspective. i'll do my best to make note of it when it does come up. until then, let me start from the beginning...

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