Tuesday, March 31, 2009

her belly must flop

5/17/2002 (convo #1):

2 conversations, one with Doucas and the other with Eugene...

last night, all of Ma Karin's kids from next door (Jarvis, Karin, Doucas and Petula) sat at my kitchen steps while i cooked. cute family. Doucas was sitting on the floor a little further in. watching me intently.

i don't remember how exactly, but we started talking about food–oh! yeah... she goes "ay wan chop!" [i want food / i want to eat]. something about how when she sees food she has to eat. full stop. no discussion.

said it with a confidence and self-assurance that is usually so unlike her. said it like it was an immutable physical law of the universe. also said something about how she has to FILL her belly. when she eats, the belly MUST flop [fill up]. as if the vessel was a different entity all together... one which must be appeased at all costs.

i left the kitchen to get something and came back to hear Jarvis and Karin giggling. i asked "what?"... in my brief absence, Doucas turns to them and admits that her stomach is "biting!"

she's hungry and has got to get some of that food i'm making. no shame. no embarrassment. i look at her. she looks at me and nods her head. holding her chubby little belly.


  1. IMAGE: a picture of little Doucas. i believe i've used this image before. she's standing in my driveway, just outside my kitchen door. with the nursery school in the background.

    i should point out that Ma Karin feeds her children relatively well... they're not starving. Doucas is just a particularly hungry little girl.

  2. IMAGE: this is an updated image of doucas... when i haven't used before. she's sitting at my kitchen door, comme d'habitude.

    and 3ala albak, omar!