Thursday, August 21, 2008

i used to be a teacher...

mohamad here. 2008. washington, DC. the previous post on teaching-learning got me thinking... i've been blessed to continue learning & teaching (and i've gotten better at both!) at several schools since i've left cameroon.

one of them in particular – Al-Fatih Academy in Northern Virginia – and the students there truly helped me understand just what this teaching-learning two-way street means. here are some thoughts on that:

i used to be a teacher
now i only want to learn

who was teaching anyway?
and who was truly learning?

my elders,

they sit in small chairs
my teachers,
are learning how to read
my guides,
do not know where they live

listen to what they taught me:

"close the door on teaching,

open the door to learning."

i used to be a teacher

now i only want to learn


  1. IMAGE: me learning (or is teaching?) in a 1st & 2nd grade classroom at Al-Fatih Academy.

  2. I often feel the same way, particularly with the little ones...their outlook on the world, resilience, emotions...everything is just so raw. They have taught me so much this past year, definitely humbling...
    thanks for sharing mohamad!

  3. This is a nice pic. By the way you were a great teacher at al-fatih, and you thought us alot! Takecare, From a student that went to al-fatih when you worked their!

  4. greetings former-student-friend,

    good to hear from you! thanks for commenting on this post. it's one of my favorite on the blog. so is the pic. i also really enjoyed my time teaching at al-fatih. i miss the kids! i pray you're (all) doing well.


  5. what a beautiful image and beautiful post mohamad, mashaAllah .. you also taught me a lot ;) peace ~ nj