Wednesday, December 10, 2008

eid in any language!

‘Eid mubarak! [arabic]
Bonne Fette! [french]
Barakata Sallah! [hausa]
Happy Eid! [english]
Njoli njam! [fulfulde]
...heard a bit of all of that today. spent a nice long day out in Ukpwa, 9am-6pm. ate... twice. well. meat... ram, beef, chicken and fish. prayed out there. toured the village with Maggie. sat down and had interesting discussions with the young men. HIV/AIDS, Bin Laden and development, among other topics.

women figured heavily in our discussions but not in our presence. Maggie sat, ate and chatted with the men today. wonder how she feels about that? will ask... about that, Bin Laden and Ukpwa wanting too much tomorrow. we ended the day out there watching a football match. nice place. great people. good day.

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  1. IMAGE: my friend muazu from ukpwa posing for a picture with the sacrificial animal i helped buy.

    i believe this photo was taken by maggie during the eid of 2003, which i spent on medevac in washington.

    more on that story (and the sacrifice) in my journals from around feb 2003. stay tuned! :)