Tuesday, April 7, 2009

what moves you?

what do you do when it moves through you? what do you do when creativity, passion and the need for self expression – is it really about the self? – all mix together and well up inside of you?

do you reach for a pen? to write or draw. do you clear your throat? to sing or speak. or do you dance? moving with those upwelling waves of whatever it is that moves you... what moves you?

is it the same thing(s) that move me? do you know its name? does it have a name? have you spoken with it? does it speak? or is that what we’re here for? to speak. or dance. or draw. or sing.

i’m a writer. i write.

when it moves me... i write.


  1. its funny after all the religious rituals we have performed throughout our existence, it is the word that moves us most.

    i mean, Allah chose a book to be the last and final revelation. that says something.

  2. thanks for the comment, anonymous!

    the terms "word" and "book" are so full of meaning... i'm going to think about them a little (a lot!) more.


  3. I've just discovered your blog and I'm finding it very interesting, even though I'm fairly knew to all this.
    When any emotion becomes too much I have to write or draw or paint, or just glue endless things on some paper so the mess is there and not in my head. If I've been bottling it all up I have to dance, that's when I feel free. And only rarely do I pray, but they all help :)

  4. thanks for your comment BRB! apologies for the delay in acknowledging it. hope you're finding the blogging thing suits you. and i hope you're more consistent at it than i! :)