Friday, July 9, 2010

back to school

twenty past seven in the AM. will be off to school soon. although classes only begin après-midi:
  • ENV. ED. 12:20-1:15PM 2nd Year
  • APP. SCI. 2:10-3:05PM 3rd Year
...mixed emotions about "back to school." that whole optimism/pessimism thing. anyway. looking to develop SOWs (schemes of work or curricula) for this year this week with the input of students. we'll see if they're even there today. the condition of the road (no vehicles and a 2,500cfa fare) coupled w/everything always being late???

"...later that evening."

wasn't so bad. today went well. hamdillah. only 5 students at school, though. twice as many teachers. Delegate of Education and the DO [District Officer] came around. Auntie in rare form. VP bitter. DS flustered. teachers just showing up to sign-in and split.

i sat down and talked GLOBE w/Alain this afternoon. that was good. we'll scope the site on Wed and begin w/students on Saturday, insha'Allah. he's excited and experienced. unfortunately, he goes back to school (Bambili) in October.

phone is still funny. not much headway on SOWs. Auntie will bring that new syllabus booklet tomorrow, insha'Allah. students... who will bring them??? Wednesday, PPIs [Provincial Pedagogic Inspectors]. Thursday, staff meeting.

got a lukewarm reception to the lecture series / workshop request. we'll see and push when the time comes. i'm no longer greeting Mr. Temikum [a GTTC colleague]. the man beat his recently delivered wife at the hospital! saw him in the market. excommunication is tough.

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