Tuesday, November 4, 2008

c'est la vie...


...and the days just keep marching on. indiscriminate. the passage of time, that is. but i won’t go there. i nobi in mood fo philosophizing.

i have been speaking more pidgin as of late. maybe that speaks to how little i’ve been in the classroom? and that shall only get worse. or is it better?

will no longer have 3rd year now. i’ve actually only had them all of 2 times this term. one class with 3A, one with 3B. but let’s not go there, either. i know i will have to soon, but not tonight.

been exercising these past few days. eating ravenously as a result. all is well there...

went out to visit Mu’allem [literally, teacher] Gibreel’s compound. man passed away last Tuesday. left behind 3 wives and 12 kids. people here were real shook that first day. good man.

i think i only met him once or twice. didn’t speak to him more than once. had to see a pic to remember his face. his compound is way out there. about ½ an hour by motorcycle down Bu Road. then a five minute walk down and up a hill.

the road is bad at parts. rocky. Ibrahim [Muhammad Omaru's brother] took me... wasn’t the comfiest ride, but i’m glad he took me. Sani [Ibrahim and Muhammadu’s older brother] was there.

Gibreel lost a wife a year or 2 ago when lightening struck the compound. i saw her/his orphans today. people die all over the world, everyday. c’est la vie... so why does it seem like it happens more here? why does it seem so much more unfair here?

gotta amend that tired cliché to something like c’est la vie en afrique... doesn’t make it any more fair, but at least a little more realistic.

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  1. IMAGE: my friend ibrahim on his motorcycle. this is the same scene, along the wum-bamenda road (rainy season, of course), as the main picture on the blog... i'm standing next to the same motorcycle, holding my helmet, that ibrahim is riding on.