Sunday, September 14, 2008

sky crying, school sad

sky is crying. we’re more than a week into October and the rain shows little sign of letting up. rains much at night. which is, in itself, a sign of seasonal change. but it’s still raining during the day. and often heavily. road is bad. people still taking “tippers” (sand trucks) back and forth from Bamenda. paying 2,500 cfa [compared to the usual 1000 cfa].

on another note, tomorrow wil make a month into the school year. and that makes me cry. state of affairs at notre ecole is bad. it's sad, really... time-table still not finalized. students sparse. teachers sparser. administration is somewhere between incompetent and apathetic. i’m ambivalent.

we can’t even hold a staff meeting! one was scheduled for today but less than 1/3 of us showed up. we waited 2 hours. taught little to nothing in the mean time. 2 and ½ hours after scheduled starting time the meeting was canceled. postponed until Thursday. we’ll see who’ll take this next one seriously. c’est dommage.

i didn’t want to write about all of this... guess it’s still on my mind. i’m tired. as usual. got work to do. PEACE. i pray all is well with wunna.


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