Saturday, February 14, 2009

the new approach


at the Nursery School. early AM. have a seminar here, today and tomorrow. the inspectorate of primary and nursery education is holding it. Paul, among others, will be presenting various aspects of the new approach to lesson planning and teaching.

i believe it’s all about critical thinking and more analytically structured lessons. the scientific method, if you will. if that can somehow be applied to subjects like literature, history and writing. analytical thinking, yes. scientific method, Lord!...

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  1. IMAGE: 1/2 page out of my journal... notes (and doodle) i took on the 'new approach' seminar. note what this approach is contrasted to in terms of the existing educational system:

    -textual answers
    -irrelevant material
    -pupils thought of as blank slates

    the next 2 days would introduce the concepts of critical and analytical thinking across subjects like literature, math, science, etc.