Saturday, April 11, 2009

always work

another long day. we worked throughout: early morning. break. late morning. break. afternoon. break. evening. over? PCVs... always working. or talking about work. always work.

Eli, Mike, Shanna and i worked out the EE session. gotta type it up tomorrow. have not done much marking [grading exams] or letter writing.

gotta call 2 embassies tomorrow (during 10am coffee break):
  • USA Embassy: speak with Cultural Attache about the cultural exchange program.
  • KSA Embassy: speak with the 2nd Secretary and set up an appointment.
OK... just talked to Sandy for a while. she's fine and it looks like i'm buying my tickets [to Mali] on my own. will check direct flights and thru Dakar w/Ivorian Air. gotta get my credit card.

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