Thursday, April 16, 2009

teaching 'teaching practice'

5/30/2002: TOT Day 3
Teaching Practice Session
Traci and Mohamad... intros!

To familiarize PCTs with the structure of teaching practice at TTCs [teacher training colleges] and their duties/role therein.

By session end, PCTs will be able to...
  1. Describe how a typical teaching practice operates at a TTC... skit!
  2. Mark student-teacher lesson plans (and guide student-teachers in developing lesson plans?)... Traci!
  3. Observe, evaluate and give feedback on student-teacher lessons... Mohamad!
Flip chart, brown paper, markers, e.g. lesson plans, TTC evaluation forms and teaching practice schedules.

-Traci and Mohamad perform skit with assistance from 1 PCT
-Process skit after going over the purpose then objectives of session (objective #1)
-Traci leads exercise on marking lesson notes w/Mohamad writing on flip chart (objective #2):
  • review SMART objectives, lesson plant format, etc.
  • use Mme. Pafe's TELE-aid [teaching-learning aid]
  • handout e.g. lesson plans to be marked
-Mohamad leads exercise on observation/evaluation of lessons w/Traci writing on flip chart (objective #3):
  • Dos and Don'ts of lesson observation
  • handout e.g. evaluation forms and discuss
  • discuss feedback techniques and ask 2 PCTs to critique both facilitators as practice
Review and asses objectives and questions...

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  1. i know these TDW & TOT (training-related) posts don't make for the most interesting reading material... believe me, it's not that much more fun typing these entries up and posting them. but again, "i share all this as insight into how PCVs are [technically] trained."

    i was an education volunteer, so this is how teachers were trained... both as incoming PCTs (peace corps trainees) and, for those of us who went on to teach at TTCs (teacher training colleges), this is how we then trained our student-teachers.

    that's TOT (training of trainers)!

    peace :)