Thursday, April 30, 2009



on the train [from Bamako to Kayes] now. early morning. left last night. can't write now [it's too bumpy]. i will soon. i will write about Bamako and this scenery i'm seeing on the train now, insha'Allah...

...nice day in Kayes. still hot. really hot. but not unbearable. Kayes, much like Bamako, is – i won't say under-developed but not over-developed. buildings are low. trees (mostly neem) cover them. lots of trees planted. streets are relatively clean and really quite organized.

i'm impressed. both towns (they're cities but feel like towns) are refreshingly modest. they fit.

anywho... i can't stop sweating so i'll stop. Mali reminds me of the SW. United States, of course.

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  1. IMAGE: a photo of a building (in the french colonial style - kayes was the capital of the french sudan territory) near the train station in kayes.

    the burlap-wrapped plastic containers carry water. if you wet the burlap, it dries and cools the water inside the container. pretty cool! ;)