Monday, April 13, 2009


saturday morning. yet another [TDW] session today. insha'Allah only in the morning. going to Dairou's for lunch. gotta develop films and buy plane tickets. as well as a few other added times to my "to do" list... noting that none have really been crossed out yet.

spoke to the embassies today... the USA folks will send me the application for Paul. KSA people are all gone except the Big Cheese and he's not available. i'll try to see him or send him the letters/photos.

what else?... that's it for now...

tech [TDW] sessions were taking a lot out of me. all of us were getting silly at the end of the day yesterday... didn't get to do much on account of ending later than expected, ~1:30pm.

i did buy a spotting scope from Chris [a PCV leaving the country] for 35,000cfa [$55-60?]. didn't make it to Dairou's, though. it rained. didn't buy tickets, either. they closed.

i did manage to send 2 emails in 45 minutes... and i'm worried i may have gotten scabies here at the volunteer house [in yaounde]! :(

same day... quick note. according to our PCMO [Peace Corps Medical Officer] i can't have scabies. at least not from the volunteer house. incubation is 2-6 weeks. so she thinks it's something else. unless, of course, i got scabies before i got here!

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