Friday, April 17, 2009

menchum falls

it's past 1am... a lot of work left to do in terms of marking papers. need sleep though. we went out to Menchum Falls. took pictures. walked back to Befang. ate fufu. drank sweet drinks.

Mathais fixed the lights, not the hot water heater. roof still leaks. front door lets water in when it rains. faucet in kitchen is bad. fridge clean. laundry, too. i itch from time to time... like mad.


  1. IMAGE: my GTTC students on a field trip to Menchum Falls... a scenic feature along the Wum road. it's just before Befang, which is a town not far from Wum.

    the students are taking turns to study the falls from the spotting scope. the scenery in the background almost doesn't look real, but it is. just a strange photo.

  2. i can't not comment on all the little complaints i have about the house in this post...

    i should be much more thankful that i have all that: electricity, running water, a solid roof and door. it's more than many of my neighbors (and other volunteers!) had.

    i suppose i was tired. frustrated. itching like mad. and itching to get out of wum and go on vacation. no excuse for ungratefulness, though.

    peace :)