Thursday, April 30, 2009

heat rash


i've already developed heat rash. like 2 days ago already. on the inside of my arms (opposite my elbows) and a little on my chest. it's hot. not heat like i've never experienced in terms of intensity... it's the duration that's a problem.

all day. all night. it's hot. it just barely cools down at night. and that's the problem. the day's heat slows you down, yes. but the night's heat wears you out. and week after week that's frustrating, exhausting and stressful. physically and mentally.

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  1. IMAGE: kids in kayes. the little girl is beautiful. reminded me of my niece, tala. her little brothers are also quite cute.

    if i remember correctly, the littlest one was suffering from some heat rash, himself. even without a shirt!