Saturday, April 18, 2009

just a little, but a lot

in Bamenda... a few things to do here ($, email, Dr. and shave) before i leave for Douala. before too long, insha'Allah. came in late last night. finished marking exams around noon and filling my marks at school around 2pm. left teh house around 5pm. got in here @ 10:30pm.

yesterday, as i was leaving school (it had just rained... and has been raining hard in Wum) i found myself gently picking my way through the rivers of mud and down slippery paths. the rainy season is upon us. 1 year has passed.

i think back fondly of Babadjou. what comes to mind is that i perceive all this in different ways now. just a little... but a lot.

quick note on a moment of clarity... looking up at a poster here in Amity Bank and seeing the world "NOTRE" in french, i realized what Notre Dame [the cathedral & university] means. "Our Lady!" gotta love these moments of clarity.

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