Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PCV talk

it’s just Wednesday... guests are gone. it’s getting hotter in Wum. sun comes out during the day. much more rain at night. i miss the heat. i know i’ll be cursing the dry season soon enough. but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

speaking of bridges, the worst foot-bridge in Wum was just fixed! today. by a church group, plus the assistant mayor. newly elected. good stuff. baby steps. makes many people’s lives (including mine) easier. and i had absolutely nothing to do with it!

Todd and i had a few good conversations over the last 2 days. on development, PC Admin, gender roles, PCV life, etc... you know, typical Peace Corps Volunteer talk. what we always talk about. regardless, it helps.

gotta love that we [PCVs, our stage, Todd and i...] couldn’t be more different, in so many ways, yet with all this in common... Peace Corps, that is. and that makes all the difference. i’d like to think all of us are better listeners now, more open to varying view points and less judgmental with whom we befriend.

hmmm... enough PCV talk.


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