Saturday, April 11, 2009

TDW Day 2

5/23/2002: TDW Day 2

Writing Integrated Competencies (with David)

Integration across language, personal health, safety & security (S&S), cross-cultural (X-C) and technical components of training:
  • Health/S&S: risky behavior (HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drugs)
  • Lang/X-C: cultural notes w/in context of lesson
  • Tech/X-C: context of work (info on ministries/politics)
  • Lang/S&S: survival language skills
  • X-C/S&S: culturally appropriate behavior
  • Lang/Health: survival language skills

  • task: an action (many = activity) towards achieving an objective
  • competency: a desired level of KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities)
  • integrated competency: one that involves attaining level in more than one component
  • learning objective: specific level to be attained after a session/activity (many gained = competency)
  • activity: work towards achieving objective
  • session plan: (many = activity) lessons that, after achieving objective, lead to competency

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