Tuesday, April 14, 2009



went running this morning. didn't accomplish much else...

been trying to get through this book by Martin Lings, Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources. and as i'm lounging around the volunteer house so many people have asked about the book:

how is it? who wrote it? who's reading it next? can i read it?
i should ask for more copies of it... AND for [my brother] omar to read it!


  1. i guess i should feel like one of the lucky ones whom you let read the book. you passed it on to me and i read it during the last few months i was in country, when i was living with pa loh and dr. babila in santa. found it fascinating and enlightening. we had a couple of good conversations regarding early religious teachings and the differences between christianity and islam.

    on a side note, living in that house with pa loh and dr. babila was so much fun. the memories from that couple of months are so rich and i'm glad i had the opportunity to get to know them on such an intimate level.

    be well,

  2. always good to hear from you groz! i do remember our conversations about the book that summer... and the good people you were staying with at santa during training. that town can get so cold!

    i think i spent a night at that house, b/c i remember sharing an evening meal with all of you (water fufu and eru?) and surviving a freezing cold shower in the morning before training.

    any idea how pa loh is?

    peace :)