Thursday, April 16, 2009

learning styles...

5/28/2002: TOT Day 1
i prefer to learn by doing, thinking through concepts and trying things out myself. so that makes me a...
  • type 4: common sense learner
  • type 1: imaginative learner
  • type 2: analytical learner
  • type 3: dynamic learner
Catering to different learners...
  1. imaginative – drawing/music/poetry
  2. analytical – theory... the rules or grammar
  3. dynamic – talking, work and/or movement
  4. common sense – examples and real life application people process in different ways and someone drawing or talking to themselves may be actively learning in their own style:
  • students learn in their own style 25%
  • schools validate the way type 2s learn
  • ~70% of learners are not type 2
Four styles can correlate to 4 stages of a lesson:
  1. motivation (imaginative): who are my students?
  2. information (analytic): what am i going to teach?
  3. practice (common sense): how am i going to teach?
  4. application (dynamic): have i reached my goals?
...therefore, if lesson plans incorporate these 4 stages you will (more or less) cater to the 4 styles of learning.

Teaching is...
-art... style
-science... methodology
-skill... must be done

now... how do we introduce learning styles to PCTs? and how do we apply it in training the PCTs?

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