Sunday, August 24, 2008

2nd year mark

here in Babadjou... in the place above ADP [the bar/restaurant we used to meet at in training]. Kay, Natalie and Traci are here. we’re doing the cross-cultural session on the Cycle of Adjustment with the new trainees tomorrow. then Kay and i will be here for the rest of the week. all is well.

haven’t written in this my Peace & Freedom journal for a while. just got it back from Kay. what can i say? i feel obliged to make note of the whole 1 year plus mark. it becomes especially evident here at PST [pre-service training], with all the new trainees. it’s been rough... these past few weeks. coming back from Mali. not going home. missing home. thinking about the year to come.

thinking that it may just FLY by. or that i may continue to question myself. all this. hmmm... i’d like to say that, again, all is well. i am happy and healthy... although sometimes a little less than both. but c’est la vie. all right... here’s to regular entries full of inspiration and enlightenment for ALL of us!


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