Thursday, April 16, 2009

rappels que l'on fait la journee

back in Wum... i believe most of the rest of the crew (my stage) is in Limbe. mid-service Peace & Freedom. i'm here b/c i've still got these 3rd year tests to mark AND b/c we (my students and i) should be going out to Menchum Falls tomorrow, insha'Allah.

i took the overnight [bus] from Yaounde to Bamenda last night. watched Cameroon draw with Ireland, then rode up here... to find the house a little dirty, no electricity, most everything in the fridge spoiled and my plants dead.

there's also a note from the Dean of Students about having my marks in by 28 May! i have to get these marks in b/c i'm off to Mali by Tuesday night, insha'Allah. no Limbe this summer but also not too much quality time here at post, either. and the days keep "passing me by..."

last note: prayed jum'aa yesterday in the Grand Mosquee @ Tchinga, Yaounde. new imam there from Saudi. decent khutba [friday sermon]. the man's voice is beautiful. the muezzin's, as well. the mosque is so big... beautifully decorated. i was moved. happy.

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