Monday, February 11, 2008


Isma'ilah is very interested in what i’m doing right now. she was the first person i saw when i got home today. had to smile when i saw her. must say that i’m doing a little better now than i was then.

i sat and watched Mirabelle roast coffee beans... they’re cooling off now. smell great. i’m starting to really enjoy passing time on this balcony. things are so quiet here in the compound now-a-days. Das and i are the only men around... and he’s at work most of the time.

not sure why i was so down this afternoon? has a lot to do with french, i think. just can’t get myself to focus/apply myself to studying it. i’ll do anything other than french right now. write here. read. letters. tech or cross-culture stuff... whatever!

what’s strange about today is how high i felt before the low. suppose that shouldn’t be too strange though... this isn’t anything new here or at home. just missing the support and comfort of... well, home.

just finished grinding the coffee with Das and Mirabelle. now i’m on an emotional high... maybe it’s the coffee aroma??? we’ve got a lot of coffee. looking forward to getting hooked on it. my forearm is killing me though.

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  1. IMAGE: a close-up of Isma'ila... my cute & precocious little host-sister. she adorable!