Friday, July 18, 2008

December 1st

December 1, 2001: World AIDS Day
...haven’t done much in the way of HIV/AIDS work/education here yet. some thinking on the topic only. here’s to getting something/anything achieved by this date next year, insha’Allah.

this morning i had suhur [pre-dawn meal] out at Sufyan’s chop-house. bean omelet, bread and tea. moon was so full. so bright. so prominent in a clear sky. didn’t set until much past 6am. prayed fajr at the masjid. would like to keep that up.

i took several photos of the moon and the grassy meadow below the hospital. it’s in full bloom. experimented/fooled around with the camera (flash/no-flash), so i hope some of the shots come out all right. oh... the furniture is slowly arriving.

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  1. IMAGES? i'm afraid the photos i refer to in this post did not 'come out all right.' you can barely see that big moon in one of them, and i'm not sure where the shots of the grassy meadow below the hospital are??? but i promise to put up more photos soon! :)