Thursday, March 19, 2009

my GTTC colleagues

5/12/2002: MOTHER'S DAY!
last night was not pleasant. not bad, but i was not happy. students arrived @ 3:30pm with their lesson notes for teaching practice, and didn't leave until 7pm. student-teachers from GPS, St. Martin's and Holy Trinity [primary schools in Wum]. is nobody else in on the GTTC [Govt Teacher Training College] Wum staff doing work?

many names come to mind... one of my colleagues even passed by the house, saw me up on my veranda with a line of students (some even his) at 6pm and just kept walking. i was not happy. not angry. not upset with students, but with these teachers. some are serious. some care. professional and sincere. some are fake. and they deride our students: "you don't know any better... you're empty, worthless."

anyway... the fact that i was hungry, out of breath and had no time to mark assignments, go to prayer or read didn't help. OK, moving on. went to St. Martin's Church for 6am mass. no one there. 6am mass, it turns out, is at Holy Trinity. i enjoyed the peace and quiet in the church for a while. went introspective and lost myself in thought.

i'm waiting in Sufyan's chop-house [makeshift cafeteria] now for Buba to come take us up to his place (via Ukpwa with 3 cement bags) before he leavves for Nigeria on Tuesday. insha'Allah all goes well today.

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