Wednesday, July 30, 2008

limbe peace & freedom

Omar’s birthday today! wrote him a letter. i’d like him to come here. Limbe has relaly changed my outlook on Cameroon. realized how much i took the country for granted and how much i have to be grateful for. down here, up North and in Wum. i want people to visit. omar and a friend or two... still, i know, it’s intense. but if mama can do it, they can too.

...we just did Peace and Freedom here. at the Hotspot. amazing how quickly we jumped back into it. like old friends, it takes no time at all to realign, so to speak. it’s a beautiful thing, Peace and Freedom. how comfortable and free we are with our emotions. how open and receptive we are to each other. no judgments. just listen. empathize. understand. support with a presence... even when apart.

the bond there is so strong... and amazing in such a diverse group. a testament to how open-minded we were and continue to be. i think that keeps many of us here. me included. i love my stage... people i know i’ll never forget. good people. people i love for who they are inside. no judgments. on my part or theirs. acceptance. affection. sincerity. it’s beautiful.

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  1. IMAGE: a beautiful sunset on the beach in limbe. look closely... there's a traditional boat gliding along the waves, with a few heads bobbing in the water not too far from it. those are my stage-mages.