Monday, August 11, 2008

wussai peace & freedom dey?


1/2/2002: continued...
anywho... today’s been a busy day at Chez Chakaki. our 1st guests were the kids for the drawing lessons. then (2nd) Ali-Festus [from Heifer International] and i sat and talked plants for a bit. Gilbert the carpenter (3rd) came to install a few things and take a few things... mama's been putting him to work! then (4th) the guys from Upkwa (Mu’aath, Ali, Adam, Abubakr and Sule) came for lunch.

before the meal was over (5th), Justine and the HM [Head Mistress] of the Nursery School had joined us. how mama pulled off that magical meal, i don't know! now (6th) Apollo the plumber is in the bathroom installing the shower... and breaking more than a few tiles, too. Oh!... and (7th) Paul and his siblings ducked in for a second or 2 to bid adieu to mama before they left.

mama is at my principal’s house now (8th). that’s the reason Justine came here in the 1st place. to tell us that the principal is leaving tomorrow. i didn’t go on account of waiting for Apollo and Gilbert. don’t know if Gilbert will show and Apollo is doing more harm than good at the moment.

i was supposed to clean up after our midday meal, but Apollo had to cut the water... so the place is just a mess. kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. guess we’ll be cleaning up tonight. but if Gilbert doesn’t show and i know Apollo won’t be finished...

Omaru and his mom are coming to visit tomorrow (9th). the HM of the Nursery School wants to pass by again (10th)... Friday morning we clean the mosque, prayer, then Akimje’s place (11th). not to mention having to pass and greet Kenneth (12th). and finally, leaving at 5am Saturday morning. Lord! wussai my Peace & Freedom dey? [where is my Peace & Freedom?]

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  1. IMAGE: a picture of my lovely mother and i at my home in wum. yes, those are lions, elephants and giraffes on the pillows... and leopard print on the couch and chairs. animal print was in that season in wum, as well! ;)

    beyond the pic... the series of social calls (a dozen in 3 days, and we were being selective) is a glimpse into my life there in wum. honestly, on some days i just didn't answer the door.

    i know that sounds awful, b/c my friends were always eager to visit me... especially with my mother there! but, as you can see, the introvert in me was left asking where is my peace and freedom?