Friday, August 22, 2008

wild wum

just a quick thought. it’s kinda funny what we get used to. habituated to. or at least not shocked by anymore. last night there were 2 or 3 dozen cows on my front lawn. one of them kicked out some big shot’s front headlight and he and the Fulani man moving the cows down the road were discussing the matter over while the herd grazed just outside my door.

mind you this was at like 8 in the evening. i was not at all vexed. just hung out on the porch and watched the herd. beautiful animals. big eyes. love the shape of their horns. kinda smelly though.

anyhow... then this afternoon there were a handful of young men (and a couple of dogs) chasing after a big pig... must’ve gotten away from its owner. they disappeared behind my house, up the hill into the neighborhood. it’s great living right off the main road. sometimes you can just sit out on the porch and watch the day’s events unfold. or the evening’s events.

like when a local delegate (not sure which ministry) crashed into the electricity pole across the street... right outside my window. it was a little before midnight. he must’ve been drinking. came flying down the wet street only to skid-out, hop the ditch and slam into the pole. the high-tension wires on the pole snapped the next afternoon. the pole caught fire. lights went out. kids from the nursery school had just gotten out. thank God.

Wum, again, is quaint and quiet. but sometimes i wake up and it feel like i’m in a city from the sounds of the street. cars, people, music, cows, pigs and snapping high-tension electricity wires.


p.s. i can’t believe it’s October already! it’s Fall now back home... seems like just yesterday we left, no?

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  1. IMAGE: courtesy of my stage-mate natalie... who pasted it into my peace and freedom journal while it was in her possession. she writes:

    check out this guy! i just wanted a picture of cows, and he takes 15 minutes to try to turn them around. then it starts raining and i'm soaking wet, and by the time he's ready, i don't even really want the picture... but now i'm glad i have it! and notice, it's still all asses!

    these are the same type of cows (and about the same number) that were on my lawn that evening. beautiful, aren't they?