Thursday, August 28, 2008

9 months left

one question: has 9 months ever seemed so short and so long all at once?

you know what i’m saying? this academic year will soon be upon us. then – hmmm... i am not and do not want to count the days. but whenever i tell my people here that i’m leaving by next June they over-react. ya’ll get that too?

they start talking about “but can’t you ask to stay for one more year, or two?!” r-i-g-h-t! they’re all thinking it’s too short. as flattering as that is, though, i’m thinking these are gonna be a long 9 months. Oh, my God!
  • confidence/composure/determination... out the window!
  • apprehension/doubt/hyperventilation... won-duh-ful won-das!
[that's pidgin for "wonderful wonders"... an uncommon but comical expression of emotion]