Tuesday, August 19, 2008


today i had one of those special lessons where one can honestly say the students truly became dumber for having sat through and listened to it. i think i knew going in that what i’d prepared was going to be hard to pull off... and that’s being generous.

i could just say my lesson sucked. on paper and in the classroom. i could see it on their faces. the boredom. the confusion. total lack of comprehension. anyhow... enough with the drama. i suppose, at least, I learned a valuable lesson today:

don’t prep lessons the morning of. have foresight. listen to that cynical, often pessimistic voice saying “they’ll never understand this!” :)

all good though. you live and learn. i hope i’ll learn... it’s an interesting and humbling feeling when you're teaching and you know you’re just getting nowhere but you can’t stop. what can you do? i want to be like “OK, just forget everything i told you today... we’ll try again next week.” where’s the RESET button when you need it???

we’ll, that’s enough about that. i hope all ya’ll are doing well in the classroom. patience. confidence. and just admit when you suck (to yourself, at least!), but do something about it. now i’ll try and practice what i’ve preached. peace.

aho! Mohamad 
9/25/2001 Wum

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  1. IMAGE: these are/were my lovely students. teachers in training, themselves. many of them were almost as old as me, if not older.

    and this, the outdoors, is where i'm a much better teacher (and learner!). it's also where i think we're all better teachers/learners.

    we're working on the school tree nursery here. starting trees from seed.