Wednesday, August 13, 2008

peace & freedom, the title

a word or two about the title of our little therapy session, as i often [endearingly] described it in the early days. at 1st, i couldn’t stand the name, "Peace and Freedom." it felt kinda cheesy. a little corny and melodramatic, i guess.

it wasn’t until i heard the phrase used in a sentence that i understood. “...for your own peace and freedom.” ahhh! i get it now. for my own peace and freedom. that’s where it comes from. i believe Robert is the 1st person i heard use it in context. then Kristen.

needless to say the title grew on me. fast. Peace and Freedom. it’s got a ring to it now. they mean so much, too. those 2 words. they mean peace and freedom in the most profound, inner sense. my own peace and freedom. our own peace and freedom.


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