Monday, August 18, 2008

bad dream

i’ve got a question... do you all have bad dreams? you know, disturbing ones. even nightmares? i generally do NOT. the mefloquine’s been giving me more vivid dreams, but that’s all. last night, though, i woke up to an all too disturbing/vivid image... not a nightmare, really, only a fragment of a dream... of me killing someone else.

before i knew it i was up and the combination of energy, shock and guilt/regret that was making my heart beat faster was too real. as close to scary as any of my dreams have been for as long as i can remember. so strange!

i’ve heard of people really flipping out while on mefloquine... but that’s another issue i suppose. just wanted to share/document my little BIG experience from last night. i pray it never happens again.


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