Sunday, August 10, 2008

grassland compound


New Year’s came and went. i was in bed. no big deal. interesting that people here celebrate more on the evening of January 1st (that was yesterday)... slept through that, as well. everyone was out and about in fine clothes yesterday... took a bunch of photos with the kids yesterday! all in New Year clothes.

mama is giving Levite and Jarvis drawing lessons now. nice of her... they’re enjoying it! very serious. Hamza (dirty-faced, swollen-mouthed [gum infection], little-big man Hamza) is transfixed here in this adult world... like a fish out of water. quiet, docile and attentive all of a sudden.

mama and i have been snapping lots of photos. good to send home. we’ve been experiencing more of Cameroonian life here at post. went out to Ukpwa and saw the grassland and Mu’aathu’s village. great people. great place. want to spend more time out there. want to live and teach out there... more realistically though, just spend some holiday time and maybe even a secondary project out there.

there's something about the grassland and the compound... how i thought “Africa” would really be. those 2 things [landscape and living arrangement] had mama saying the same thing when we went out to visit Omaru’s place... a compound in the grassland. i’d like to spend an evening or 2 out there, as well. just to watch the sun set and rise. i’m sure those are spectacular sites/sights.

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  1. IMAGE: i feel like i've posted this pic already... have i? anyway, it's lucien, patrick henry and edison (in order of age/size).

    that scheming "i'm up to something!" look (it's more than a look!) on patrick henry's face couldn't be truer.

    they're all in their New Year's best! :)