Saturday, August 16, 2008

9/11... how is everyone?

...i’m not sure what to say??? i feel compelled to write b/c it’s tuesday night. now, i know it’s not a must that we write every tuesday. i am thinking of you all, though. wondering how your 1st days at school went. what subjects you’re teaching. how many hours. indeed, how well you’ve settled in so far.

i can picture us—well, not “picture" b/c it’s not so much seeing as much as sensing—all over these 3 provinces [NW, SW and West], each up to their respective quelque chose, if you will. i’m also wondering how you all are reacting to the news. i was tuned to the radio ALL afternoon. but there’s only so much one can take.

i don’t want to hear anymore. i don’t want to turn on the radio... but i know i will have to soon. i was, and still am, confused and concerned... shocked and disturbed, of course. i am having a hard time imagining the scale at which all this is happening back home. the poor people.

there were chills up and down my spine every time i heard an “eye-witness” report/testimony. there were so emotional. and the melodramatic BBC anchors didn’t help... “a terrorist attack on America.” God, i hope everyone back home is well... for all of us. the strangest thing for me here is that this really isn’t news to anyone but me... so i’m thinking of you all.


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