Friday, August 15, 2008

walking in wum

OK... so it’s been 2 weeks without Peace and Freedom. the formal session, that is. i’ve been procrastinating with starting this journal. i’ve been in Wum for almost a full week. it’s nice here. i like it here. the drive “up” from Bamenda was gorgeous. i say “up” but it may well have been down, geographically speaking. into Menchum Valley. Kay and Adam came along for the ride. we stopped at Menchum Falls. a spectacular site.

back to Wum. it’s small. not too small. decent market. post office. several schools. a mosque! very excited about that. there are many muslims here. many from the North. some from Nigeria. i guess they’re really all the same people [i.e. tribe] regardless of the border b/w the 2 nations. generally speaking, the people in Wum are very kind. nothing but “you are welcome here” and “we are together” all around.

my house is big. 3 bedrooms. electricity and running water. it’s actually much too big for me. there’s another apartment next door. the building is a duplex, so to speak. now, either my vice principal will be living there or, as rumor has it, another PCV. yup, there may be an Agro-forester here in Wum come early next year. that would be something!

enough about Wum. about me... like i said, i’m happy here. i guess i can say i can see myself being happy here for 2 years. no problem. i hesitate though b/c i know that those lows come right after you say something like that. but, seriously, all is well. it’s early, i know.

today i took a stroll through Wum. just promenading, if you will. found myself up on top of a hill where the Baptist Church stands. great spot. amazing view. of Wum and the surrounding landscape. it was late afternoon and the sun was out but not hot. there was a soft breeze. enough to make the trees sway and leaves rustle... i love that.

i walked back through town and the streets were calm and quiet. people around, but not many. there was music, too. for the 1st time in a long time i’ve felt extremely at peace and serene here where i am. i’ve had a couple of those moments here in Wum. maybe it’s the place. the environment. maybe it’s finally being out of training and having time to think and reflect. time to take a stroll through the town and just relax.

whatever it is, i’m down with it. totally. again, it’s still early. things may get busy with school starting. even hectic at times. i’ll just try to remember to relax. be patient. with myself as well as others. and find / go to more of my “happy places.” like that spot on top of the hill by the Baptist Church.


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  1. IMAGE: rice paddies in menchum valley... this pic doesn't give you a feel for how magnificent the landscape is as you take it all in along the road to wum, but the lushness is there. in the rainy season, that is.