Sunday, August 17, 2008

family OK

i spoke to my family the other day, in Bamenda. all is well. they, too, were/are a little freaked out by the situations in NYC and DC. this was also the first time i spoke to my niece and nephew since i left home. i miss them.

at first it was a little strange on the phone... it takes a 7 and 9-year old a minute or two to “get going.” i myself was at a loss for words... wanted to just reach inside the phone and hug them! it was good talking to them.

they’re a little anxious b/c their old school shut down and now they’re moving to a new one. a week into the term. they were at my old school... the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA). the Saudi Embassy decided it was too risky to keep the institution open, i guess. not sure what’ll happen with all the students and teachers??? what to say? except c’est la vie.

enough about all that.. even thinking about what’s going on back home disturbs me. i’ve yet to see photos or footage of the attacks. would rather not have those images in my head. anyway... i say Natalie and Kay back in Bamenda. good to see them. i was telling Kay how i miss ALL you guys. we wondered what you were up to?

is this all still an exercise in patience (in the name of cross-culture, of course) for you all, as well? wow!... i hope that didn’t come off as bitter or negative as it sounded. b/c i’m not at all. all is well. can’t wait to see all of you. peace.


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