Thursday, February 12, 2009

rude awakening

April 15th... sent my tax stuff in to Rama today. too bad it’ll get there like a month from now. anywho... just a quick entry here. more or less back in the swing of things at post. still a little restless, yes. sat and chatted with Maggie this afternoon. good to have a post-mate. nice to have Maggie here.

i haven’t been here in what seems a LONG time... everyone tells me that. and it has been a month, more or less. like i said, it’s got me restless. gotta settle down and let some moss grow, as Maggie so adequately put it.

had a strange dream – not even a dream – this afternoon. woke up from my nap confused and unsettled. looked around and thought to myself “where am i? this isn’t my house (i.e. my house back in the states)! why am i still here?” Lord... what a rude awakening. REALITY CHECK!

need to shitdown fayn fo’ dis place small [sit or settle down in this place for some time]... wussai my peace & freedom dey? :)

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